Friday, 2 March 2012

Title Explained

This is me. I am a walking anti-climax. 

My name - Miami - sets me out to be a really cool, unique person with crazy parents and the kind of person who would causually have a pet lobster. But alas, that is not me.

When people meet me there are four set questions they ask me, clearly expecting interesting responces, but all I manage to do is dissapoint.

Question one: Why are you called Miami?

My name is Miami, not because I was conceived there but because my Mummy 'liked the name'. There are some that think it's because of the American football team the Miami Dolphins, but my Mummy denies this.

Question two: Do you have any siblings, what are there names?

I have one older brother, his name is Daniel.

Question three: What are your parents names?

Anne and Kevin.

Question four: What's in your locket?


While answering these questions I get to watch the interested faces gradually lose interest with each answer. The standard end of any conversation with a new person is generally introduced by them reciting the lines of the Will Smith song 'We're Going to Miami'.

I am Maimi, this is my blog, I am an anti-climax.


  1. You're the best anticlimax I know! : D

  2. Hi miami it is julia. You are also the best anti climax I know! xxx